Baby 2, Week 6

Everyone’s been asking how I’m feeling, so I figured I’ll just write it all in one place!

Well I’ve had this cold for a week and a half, so I’ve been feeling pretty crappy. Last weekend I mostly just rested and power-read my way through most of the Hunger Games trilogy. Poor Chris had to deal with Gabby all by himself, but by Monday morning I felt much better. I went to go see a doctor on Monday anyway, because I still had such an awful sinus headache. He recommended I not take any antibiotics though, even the “pregnancy safe” ones are not advised during the first trimester when so many huge developmental things can go wrong.

So I’m left to heal on my own time, which is a slow process. The sinus infection is still there even today, but it’s getting better. Feels like I’ve been sick forever–because I have been!–but at least I know the little unnicknamed baby is safer that way.

Sadly, being sick is no longer my only pregnancy symptom! Starting at the end of last week, nausea kicked in. It took me by surprise because I didn’t have any symptoms with Gabby for at least a good month, if I remember correctly. This time I barely just found out I’m pregnant and already the floodgates are wide open!

I get nausea about once a day that’s so sudden and strong, I almost had to ask Chris to pull over on the freeway a couple of times when we were driving around last weekend. I’m hoping it was because of the sinus infection that’s been putting so much pressure on my ears, I felt like I had just gotten off an airplane!

Most of the time, I feel fine but I’m just not hungry. Like I really want nothing to do with food. Then hunger hits me all at once and I eat all my day’s calories in one sitting. So weird!

I keep laughing in my head that maybe it’s because I’m reading the Hunger Games. The characters constantly struggle with starvation and then try to fatten up whenever they’re given free food in the Capitol before the Games. Hey, that’s kinda what I’m doing! Whenever hunger strikes, I think “better eat while I can!” Then I have to remind myself “hey genius, you’re not trying to fatten up for mortal combat, here!”

Other than that, I’m already super light-headed. All my blood is going to my belly, there’s not enough left for my own head! I had the same thing with Gabby though, but again I don’t remember it starting until much later.

I talked to the school director yesterday when I dropped off Gabby at preschool. She asked me if I was pregnant, because Gabby told EVERYONE last week “I’m going to be a big sister! I’m going to be a big sister!” The director explained that some kids want a little sibling so bad that they start telling everyone at school that they’re going to get a little brother and sister when the mom isn’t even actually pregnant. So by experience, the teachers don’t encourage it until they can confirm it’s true. It’s a little bit sad, but also really funny in a way!

The director is also pregnant right now, I’ve noticed it about a month ago. Then I just about fell over my chair when she said she’s only 16 weeks along! She was joking that it’s so crazy how early you show after the first one, I guess I have to expect that too!


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