When your morning starts with heavy rain

I woke up this morning to the sound of heavy rain. Chris was still in bed and it was still dark outside, so I knew it couldn’t have been past 5am yet.

But something was weird. The rain didn’t sound like normal. Usually, I hear the raindrops making a ton of noise on the plastic roof that covers the sideyard next to our bedroom. This time though, no plastic roof noise. It’s almost like the sound is coming from inside the house. Did Gabby open the front door in the middle of the night? No, she’s never woken up at night without running straight to our room. Did Chris leave a window open? No, if the open window was near it’d be colder in the room, and if the open window was far it wouldn’t be this loud.

But this rain, of course, was the dishwasher spewing water all over the kitchen.

So at 5am we were up mopping the floor and trying to judge how far it got under the neighboring cabinets. As if the morning was not doomed enough, Chris was popping out some of the drawers and accidentally dropped one right on his big toe! The nail turned blue immediately.

I dropped Gabby off at school to give Chris and his potato toe some rest. At 2pm, he had to give in and ask me to drive him to the ER. This is coming from the guy who refuses the go to the doctor for anything, so it had to be really bad. At that point, I assumed it was broken!

But no breakage, so the doctor just drained it. Chris has been resting (Chris RESTING!!!) while I took Gabby out for another mother-daughter date night. It was a long day, ending on a little bit of bonding sweetness. I may even forgive her for pushing all the buttons on the dishwasher that programmed it to start with a delay of 9 hours. At least we were home!!


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