A breakthrough

Every day since last Friday, I’ve been asking Gabby over and over: Why did you stop using the potty? She always answers “I don’t know.”

Are you scared of the potty?

Are you upset about the new baby?

Does your tummy hurt?

Are you angry?

Are you feeling stressed?

I couldn’t get down to the root of the sudden problem. Tonight, finally, after grilling her for 10 minutes and hearing “I don’t know” about 30 times, she says “because I don’t want to wash my hands. The water is too hot.”

And I’m thinking: What the heck!! That’s it?! You don’t want to wash your hands and that’s worth a whole week (and still going strong!) of popping your pants?!

But then I remember once last weekend Chris tried to wash her hands while she screamed and thrashed hysterically. Not because it was hot, but obviously she was already totally freaked about having to wash her hands.

So like a saint mother that I am, I don’t even yell at her for finding the dumbest reason to poop in her pants ever. Because THIS problem, I can deal with! I told her we’ll get her wipes for her hands and she doesn’t need to wash them in the sink anymore as long as she starts using the potty again. “Okie!” she tells me.

Ok?!!?!? Just like that?!

This breakthrough discussion was at bedtime, so we’ll have to see tomorrow if she holds her part of the new bargain. Man, I hope this is really the conclusion of our nasty problem! I will happily indulge her hand washing fear for now, if that means there are no more accidents!

All this time I was feeling so guilty about getting pregnant and ruining her life!

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