When the first kiddo isn’t too thrilled about the idea of a new baby

Oh you guys. You guys. We broke the baby news to Gabby Thursday night because we wanted her to announce it to the grandparents over the weekend. Lo and behold, on Friday she starting pooping in her panties all over again. It’s seriously like 5-7 times a day. We spent the whole weekend doing nothing but cleaning up dirty accidents. It’s not fair, we were DOOOOONE!!!

And to tell you the truth, when I quoted in the last post all the cute stuff Gabby said, I didn’t tell you everything. She was actually not too happy about this news. So she was acting out. Voluntarily or subconsciously, I’m not sure.

I knew we’d probably have to deal with regression when the baby came, but I was SO not expecting it just from the announcement. She was even acting pretty mad at me the whole weekend!

Of course I did what any rational parent would do… try to buy her love back! Monday night I picked her up at school and sure enough she could be convinced to do a date night alone with me with the promise of mac anc cheese with edemame at CPK, which is really all about the free bread and butter. Lord knows the girl will forgive you anything if you give her enough butter.

I may have also bought her some ice cream at Pinkberry afterward. Bringing out the big guns. Watch out, this mom means business! On the way back to the car, we stopped by Baby Gap to shop for her baby cousins (her choice, not mine, I promise!) and while we were in the store she told me she needed to go poop. I ran with her to the closest bathroom (sorry baby cousins, this took priority!) and she did actually poop on the potty and not in her panties… and that was the highlight of an already successful evening. It’s like she forgave me!

Which isn’t to say she’s been back to perfect since then, so hopefully she snaps back to her regular potty habits asap. I’m sorry, this is a whole post about poop. Shows you what life with a 2-year-old is really all about, huh?

Boy, what extra work this second baby is already!! Not to mention I’m currently experiencing my first pregnancy symptom: no immunity system. I’ve caught a cold, the last one was barely one month ago. I’m really struggling to accumulate enough PTO for Hawaii, I’m wasting all my vacation days on being sick!


One thought on “When the first kiddo isn’t too thrilled about the idea of a new baby

  1. Hopefully it will get better as it gets closer. Anna is older so she is okay with it for now, but we’ve seen a lot of shows with family themes and that helps. But it’s much harder for a 2 year old to share. I am a bit sick now too, sucks. Isn’t being pregnant and having an existing kid enough?

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