We’re pregnant! A.k.a. What Were We Thinking?!

Ok, I switched from my iPhone for the photo post to my laptop. More conducive to text content!

There’s a few tricks you learn after trying to get pregnant forever and a half. Did you know you can buy a monster 50-pack of cheapo pregnancy for $8 from Amazon? Because waiting for a missed period is so not my style. Waiting, what’s that?! No, with the mega cheapo pack, you can afford to test every day starting a week early.

So on Sunday morning, many days early, I took a cheapo pregnancy test and if I held it up in the right light and squinted my eyes, I swear I saw a very very faint maybe-kinda-sorta positive line. I figured it’d be better to break the maybe-kinda-sorta news to Chris on a weekend than a weekday morning when the test would indicate a stronger positive. I told him about the maybe-kinda-sorta news in the car trip to see Endeavour, and he told me to warn him when he needed to officially not-maybe-kinda-sorta freak out.

Sunday night I went out to buy legit pregnancy tests (just to double-check!) and early Monday morning I was able to positively say: It’s time to officially start freaking out!

It’s been a happy week. But we both did a lot of freaking out indeed. Gabby isn’t the easiest kid. Oh my god, what if we get another Gabby?! How are we going to afford two kids in daycare?! Am I going to feel like 10 shades of dead for the first two trimesters again?! What were we thinking?!

But it’ll be ok. We’ll be ok. Right?!

Uh-hum. So yeah, we’re excited! Our first reaction was not to tell anyone until the recommended period, that is around 12-14 weeks because that’s when miscarriage rates drop significantly. Or at least until our first appointment, when they confirm a good heartbeat. But who are we kidding, I can’t keep big news like this to myself… We didn’t the first time either. Waiting stresses me out. Lying stresses me out. In any case, even if a miscarriage did happen, I wouldn’t want to suffer in silence. I’d want my family and friends there to support me. And most likely everything’s going to be alright. Why live assuming the worse, right?!

Moreover, since everyone knew we were trying, I figured withholding the big news was more cruel than anything else. Grandparents would be waiting for two months while we knew that whole time? So really it wasn’t about me being impatient, it was me doing the most noble, charitable, humane thing. Seriously, I should get some kind of medal for being so considerate.

I broke the news to Gabby on Thursday night and it was an…. interesting….. discussion.

Me: Gabby, guess what?! Mommy has a baby in her belly!

Gabby: Dims?

Me: Huh?

Gabby: Dins?

Me: I don’t think that’s a word.

Gabby, after thinking about it for a minute: …. Twins?

Me: No. No no no no no no. NO! Aunt Jill has twins in her belly. Mommy only has one. For the love of god, please let it be that mommy only has one. So you’re  going to be a big sister, and you’re going to get a baby brother or a baby sister.

Gabby: I want a little brother.

Me: Sorry, Gabby, you don’t get to pick.

Gabby: Whyyyyyy?

Me: Even mommy and papa don’t get to pick. Nature picks. Are you excited? Mommy has a baby in her belly!

Gabby: Why?

Me: Why what?

Gabby: Why in the belly?

Me: Well little tiny babies are too small to live outside. They have to live in the mommy’s belly to be protected.

Gabby: From bees?!

Me: Uh, yeah I guess. From bees.

Gabby: I want to go in you belly.

Me: Gabby, you can’t go in my belly, you’re too big!

Gabby, screaming hysterically: I DON’T WANT BEES IN MY EYES!!!!!

Seriously, talk about a discussion derailing. It was funny at times, but mostly it was a train wreck. She wasn’t immediately thrilled with the news, but she was also very confused. Jill’s having two babies and those are called twins but they are also called cousins and mommy’s having babies but probably only one and that baby is not called a cousin and it may be a brother or it may be a sister. Oh man, there’s a lot of moving factors to paint this picture to a 2-year-old. But after a couple of days, she seems happy enough to tell everyone she’s going to be a big sister. Whatever gets her attention!

Gabby has obviously already picked a favorite. She consistently says she wants a little brother. I kinda wanted a boy the first time, so when we found out Gabby was a girl I thought for sure I’d very strongly prefer the second to be a boy. Now that we’re finally here, I very strangely don’t care at all. Boy clothes would be a welcome change of scenery, but we already have all those girl clothes saved up so that’d be cheaper. I guess you can tell how my priorities have changed, from whimsical personal preferences to financial preferences… The joy of home ownership!

We’ll never know if it was a coincidence, but looks like the hysterosalpingogram worked. I really had little faith that it would do more than just test for blockage, but there ya go. I won’t complain! We have the first doctor appointment where we’ll hear the heartbeat on April 4th, and we’re due mid-November. In the mean time, we’re gonna have to find a nickname for the little bugger. Gabby was Itty Bitty Programmer. I suggested Even Tinier Programmer, and Chris suggested Itty Bitty Engineer or Beta Run. At this rate, we’ll find a real name before we find a nickname!

Anyway, I’m going to stop talking now. Sorry, I’m excited!


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