Trader Joe’s

When I picked Gabby from preschool Monday night, I asked her what she wanted to eat for dinner.

Gabby: “Trader Joe’s”
Me: “Ok, but what do you want to buy at Trader Joes?”
Gabby: “Hum, I don’t know.”

So on our drive to Trader Joes I try to get more details.

Me: “Do you want rice? Pasta? Veggies? Chicken?”
Gabby: “Rice.”
Me: “What do you want with the rice?”
Gabby: “Chicken. Black chicken.”
Me: “What is black chicken?!”
Gabby: “Chicken that’s black on one side.”
Me: “So rice and grilled chicken, ok.”

I pull into the Trader Joes parking lot and she FLIPS OUT. She’s crying hysterically and screaming “Not here! Not here!” Finally I get her to calm down, and I suspect the rice and grilled chicken she had in mind were the chicken tacos at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I ask her if she wanted the chicken tacos with chips and salsa, and sure enough, that’s what she had in mind! I don’t think she will be confusing the Mexican restaurant name with Trader Joes anymore!


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