Hysterical potato gram results

I had the test done yesterday morning. I made the mistake of reading about it online and found a lot of people saying it was “THE MOST PAINFUL THING EVAR I COULDN’T EVEN DRIVE MYSELF HOME I NEEDED VICODIN”, because the people of the Internetz can’t spell or use lowercase or figure out proper punctuation. So I was all freaked out going in, a fear that wasn’t diminished when I saw there would be four people in the room during the test and they all talked really calmly about each step and why they do it and what it will feel like and OH MY GOD WHY ARE YOU TALKING SLOW TO ME LIKE YOU DO WITH ANIMALS BEFORE YOU CATCH IT IN A HEADLOCK AND FORCE PILLS DOWN THEIR THROAT?!

It was mildly terrifying. Then the radiologist was all like “don’t worry, the curtain is closed so no one walking by will see you naked” and I’m all “dude, there’s already a freaking party in here! Who cares!” Clearly his instructions were meant for someone who hasn’t already gone through childbirth once, because that process desensitizes you to the illusion of privacy.

In the end though, the test was uncomfortable for sure but not painful. I went back to work feeling all smug, but as the day went on I started feeling very faint. I ended up eating Oreos and washing it down with soda just to find the energy to not pass out on my keyboard, I ate an entire pizza to myself for dinner and went to bed at 8pm.

Today I feel normal aside from Gabby’s cold that I’m fighting off, so I guess I’ll survive. I can’t wait for this week to be over. I feel like if I could just catch a break, I might be able to do something else other than work and sleep. I’ve been completely exhausted and going to bed at the same time as Gabby (if not before) every night this week!

In any case, at a glance the radiologist didn’t see anything blockage. He’ll look at the x-rays in detail though, and there’s always the chance that the x-ray fluid washed out things that were too small to see. It may help, it may not.

Yesterday Chris took Gabby to the ENT again. She was still complaining about buzzing in her ear. She’s been so challenging lately, in that she never listens and we have to ask her to do the same thing 10 times before she actually does it… I HOPE it’s because of the buzzing. Anyway, the ENT said there was still a blood clot in her ear where the tube came out and that can be causing the buzzing. He said we’ll just have to wait. If she’s still complaining about it by mid-April, we should go see him again. APRIL! I hope Gabby won’t have buzzing for months, that would drive anyone crazy. In the mean time, I don’t know if I should enforce good behavior (punish her when she doesn’t listen) or give her some slack. I don’t want to start any bad habits!

Anyway, that’s my story in a lunch break. Tired, tired!


One thought on “Hysterical potato gram results

  1. LOL! Your posts always crack me up! I hope this tx works to clear things up. It’s so frustrating to be trying for so long. Good luck! 🙂

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