FYI: Don’t weigh yourself on Monday mornings! I had a stressful week last week, missed 2 workout classes due to work, and ate my little heart out all weekend because, gah, I was just too darn tired to care. Completely and utterly burnt out.

The preschool director pulled Chris aside Monday morning during dropoff to say that Gabby’s teacher had been let go on Friday. Apparently it had nothing to do with the kids or what she did with the kids, it was a “procedural thing.” What does that actually mean?! No idea. Each classroom has two teachers, one main and one kind of “shadow” if I can call it that, so now the shadow teacher became the main teacher. Gabby didn’t seem too worried about it so I’m not too concerned, but it is a little bit sad because her old teacher was Gabby’s #1 fan. Oh well, I guess these things happen.

One thing that was a bummer before is that her teachers were only there 8-2 or something like that, so we never had a chance to talk with them directly. We just saw the babysitters they have for the extended day kids like Gabby. The director said that was part of the change that is happening, the teachers will be there for the full day some days a week. It’ll be really nice to see them and talk with them directly.

The school is closed Friday so we got Gabby’s old daycare lady Kim scheduled to watch her. Gabby is super excited because, and I quote: “Kimmy gets me junk food.” Lovely! I don’t think Kim gave them a lot of sweets but it’s funny what they remember the most!


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