Mommy-Gabby Date Night

Gabby had been complaining about a buzzing in her ear for a few days so Chris took her to the ENT yesterday afternoon. They found so much wax in there, Chris said it was like Mary Poppins’ bag. The doctor pulled it all out and at the bottom was her ear tube half out. The tube was probably trying to come out (as it is supposed to do naturally) but got stuck in all that muck. He pulled out the tube while he was there, so now we officially have a tube-free (and wax-free) child! The doctor was pretty sure the buzzing was caused by all that, so two problems solved.

Gross story done.

Since her appointment was in the middle of the afternoon, Chris didn’t see a point to bringing her back to school just for one hour so he brought her home. He wanted to work from home after 5, so I took Gabby out for a Mommy-Gabby Date Night!

I asked her what she wanted to eat and she said “macaroni and cheese with pees,” which is kid-code for CPK’s mac & cheese with edamame. Which is REALLY code for “I want to eat 5 pounds of free bread and butter and then PLAY with my dinner,” but as long as bread and butter keeps her busy at a sit-down restaurant then I’m not complaining!

I was a little worried about attending a slow sit-down restaurant alone with a 2-year-old who rarely stays in her seat patiently, so I ordered our food as soon as the waitress came to ask for our drinks. As expected, Gabby sat down quietly with her free bread and butter for the whole 15 minutes we waited for our food. As soon as the waitress came with our food I asked for our bill and gave her my credit card right away… I had paid for the meal before the first bite! At least I knew I could simply dash out if Gabby got fussy.

BUT! She didn’t! Oh my gosh you guys, she’s like a real kid now! She wasn’t perfect, but she was pretty darn good. Pleasant, even. It was funny because there was another little kid about the same age in the restaurant and he was running laps with his mom following around with a slew of sorries and excuse-mes. She was pointing at Gabby and saying “look at THAT girl, she’s sitting at the table nicely!” Whoa, someone used Gabby as a model for good behavior?! NO. WAY. I must be dreaming.

After dinner I took her shopping at Old Navy for a valentine’s day gift for Chris. We didn’t really need to buy anything, but I needed an excuse to keep her out longer and she does better if we’re shopping for something specific rather than wandering aimlessly. That also went really well, again not perfect but she’s TWO, come on. Pretty well is pretty darn good.

It was so much fun to have a girls’ night and I look forward to doing it more often. It was totally worth missing my yoga class for, and I’m not just saying that because it gave me an excuse to pig out on pizza!


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