Skin update

I read someone’s blog post about shampoo and now that’s all I can think to write about. Thanks, Erica. I figured I should write an update on my Perioral dermatitis and the SLS ban I wrote about some time ago.

In an attempt to stop the antibiotics I took for 3 months for my perioral dermatitis (that’s itchy red bumps around the mouth and nose), I tried to cut one of the things the reliable peoples of the interwebs reported was at fault: SLS. SLS stands for sodium laureth sulfate, and it is the chemical used in pretty much every shampoo, toothpaste, and soap as a foaming agent. Treehuggers will have you believe it can kill you. Because all complicated-sounding words can kill you, of course.

Anyway, I tried an organic SLS-free toxin-free hippy toothpaste but that only lasted 3 weeks. I felt like I was not brushing my teeth at all!! No way, bring on the chemicals!

I switched my Herbal Essence shampoo to the uber expensive California Baby shampoo. The surprising effect here is that it totally cleared my back acne! I never ever had back acne in my life and it started suddenly at 23. What the heck, right? I felt like it was maybe a reaction to my shampoo so I switched brands many times but nothing helped. California Baby helped so I guess I’m happy to have a much nicer back skin now, it’s worth the money.

Along with the perioral dermitatis, I also had a really really bad weirdo acne outbreak on my temples and cheek bones. It had cleared up a good bit while I was on antibiotics and now it…. you’ll never guess…. it MOVED to my freaking forehead. I’d understand if it stayed or left, but moved?! Really?! How does that make any sense? So now I got a messed up forehead where I put more makeup to cover it. It’s really not that bad from far away, but it looks gross to me when I look close in the mirror.

So that’s my success story. The dermatitis isn’t better for all my troubles, but at least it’s not worse! Well there you go, my Friday lunch break story. Fascinating!

Gabby was kinda wired last night and after I read her bedtime stories, she turned around to face me and said “let’s talk!” That was a cute change from her “too much talking, time to sleep.”


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