My in-laws stayed in town for one month and they just left yesterday. It was so great to see them… and have them babysit Gabby a couple of times!

I slacked off both my exercise and my diet while they were here. It’s not their fault, they offered me plenty of opportunity to keep at it but I just felt like slacking off. It’s fun to have visitors and act like we’re on vacation too!

Thankfully, I doesn’t look like I put on weight while slacking off in January, I just stayed stable at 129. But we’re traveling to Hawaii in May and I want to lose that stupid extra baby weight before going. Time to get serious!!

Since fall I started taking 1-hour walks after dinner a few evening per week. It’s the only way I can get 1 hour of exercise without adding another 30 minutes driving to and from a work out class of some kind. I used to love going on walks as a work out when we lived in our apartment with a lot of big hills nearby, but the problem is that now we live in a totally flat neighborhood. Most unchallenging!

So I dug around and finally found a good option for my schedule: a group spin class twice a week from 5:15 to 6:05…. I can go and still get home only a few minutes after Chris and Gabby! So that’s 2 hours of exercise per week.

I will also keep a weekly evening yoga class. That’s another 1.5 hour per week.

And finally, in December I stopped napping when Gabby naps on the weekends and started going on walks during that time instead (Chris stays at home to play games or work during that time anyway). Another 2 hours! That’s a total of 5.5 hours, not bad at all!

I’m also going to try to sneak in a lunch hour yoga class if I can get away with the extra long lunch break once a week. 6.5, booya!

I’m super excited about my new schedule because it really packs a lot of exercise without asking Chris to watch Gabby a lot without me. Let’s hope I can keep that up!


2 thoughts on “129

  1. We are going to Hawaii in may too! When are you going? We are Maui near kaanapali the 21-29. It would be so cool if we could see you! And I am shorter than you and weigh more so you could look even more awesome!

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