Late night conversations

I have a bedtime routine with Gabby. We brush her teeth, she goes potty, put on her PJs, then I read her books for about 30 minutes. Finally, when she’s all settled down, I close the books and have a heart-to-heart conversation with her. Chris is such an involved dad, so it’s nice that this my special time of the day when it’s just me and her.

I often take this time to praise her for whatever she did good that day, to tell her that I miss her when I’m at work, that I love her, that I’m proud of her, etc. Then I ask her a few questions to get her to talk about her day and how she’s feeling. This is my favorite part because she’s calm so she can really focus on one thing and carry on a conversation about it.

One question I often ask is “did you cry at school today?” because it usually brings up a bunch of feelings, things that we may not otherwise know about. Most often, she talks about other kids doing bad things… It gets her really upset! If someone pulls her hair or throw sand in her eyes, oh boy I will hear that story to great lengths every night for at least a week.

“Oliver throw sand in my eyes. My EYES!! I said, no Oliver, that’s dangerous, Oliver! And my eyes and there’s sand. No, Oliver. That’s naughty, Oliver. I told the teacher, that’s DANGEROUS. No, Oliver, that’s DANGEROUS! You can’t do that. You can’t throw sand in eyes, Oliver, that’s dangerous. And my eyes, and the sand, it hurts. That’s dangerous!”

It’s so darn cute, she’ll just go on forever repeating essentially the same thing 10 times in slightly different ways. She’s so upset about it that I almost feel bad for asking her about her day knowing full well I’ll still going to hear that same story that’s still bothering her from 5 days ago. On the other hand, I usually reply that she should tell them calmly that what they are doing is bad and that she should go tell the teacher. She already does that because we’ve talked about it so often, but I think it makes her feel better when I acknowledge that she took the right action.

And after a few minutes, she turns around mid-conversation and states “Time for sleep, too much talking.” Have you ever heard a preschooler say something so absurd?! I almost feel guilty for having such an easy child to put to sleep, I know so many moms have a much harder time at night. Then I remember that, on yeah, I had to spend one hour putting her to sleep for the better part of two years. I think I paid my dues!

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it here. We started potty training again and it’s going GREAT! We had tried for a whole month in September, and she pooped in her panties EVERY SINGLE DAY that whole month. Ugh, yeah, we went back to diapers while working on that little problem. She’d been doing better and better through the fall, so we decided to try again, hopefully for the last time.

So on January 1st, we switched to panties full time. She’s been doing really great! She’s not perfect yet, but we’re actually seeing constant improvement. She has a harder time at school because it’s too much fun, but she’s getting a lot better. We’re almost there!

We were still putting diapers on her at night, but a few days ago when I was putting on her “night diaper” she kept complaining it was scratchy. She took it off right away, put it in the trash can, and put on panties instead. I told her she had to be really careful not to pee at night and asked if she was sure she wanted panties at night, she said yes. I was so impressed by her initiative, my jaw nearly hit the floor! She got a LOT of praises that day! The best part is we’ve only had one night accident in the one week she’s been rocking panties at night, not bad!

We’re traveling to Hawaii in May and I just realized that this will be the first time we travel with no baby gear at all. We’ll have the car seat, but no breastfeeding paraphernalia, no formula, no bottles, no baby food, and NO DIAPERS! It’s a whole new chapter.


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