Space-themed Christmas

I’ve seen some bloggers make a list of their kids’ Christmas presents, so I decided to join in on the fun. We didn’t really give her anything the past two Christmases since she was too young to really “get it” so why bother, and we didn’t even buy her presents for her birthdays either. Gabby’s been all about space and becoming an astronaut lately, so I went all out to make her a whole space-themed Christmas! It looks like a lot of items, but it’s really just two pajamas, one video game, wall decals, and the rest is a bunch of books. And now I’m starting to fell bad that I didn’t get her any toys! Oh well.

Anyway, here goes…


She requests to wear her space pajamas (from Costco) every single night, so I bought her another space pajama option for when the first is dirty. These are from GAP (the boy section of course, cause girls get nothing cool).



I also bought her pajamas that looks like an astronaut suit! How cute!!! These are from Old Navy (boy section, AGAIN).



Then I also got her a few of astronomy books, you know, for actual learning about what an astronaut is and about how space works! I actually went through a lot of trouble to find book that were scientifically accurate, it’s amazing how many (like Scholastic books) were reported to have false information or incorrect use of terminology (confusing meteor, meteoroid, and asteroid, for example).

What Makes Day and Night by Franklyn M. Branley.



The Moon Seems to Change by Franklyn M. Branley.



Astronaut Handbook by Meghan MsCarthy.Astronautbook


Solar system wall decals. I bought these at our local natural history museum, but I just found the same set on Amazon. Whenever we’re driving in the car, I’ve been working with Gabby about the name of the planets, their order, and facts about them. I think these will be a great visual to really bring these rather abstract concepts to life.



Gabby has been enjoying our Nintendo DS lately. She loves playing Cooking Mama, but there’s so much text that she can’t navigate the game by herself. I asked for recommendations for preschoolers and the Dora/Nickelodeon games seemed pretty popular. I picked the pet shop one since Gabby loves animals.

Dora and Kai-Lan’s Pet Shelter by 2K Games


We’ve received some money for Gabby from relative, so we purchased some of her favorite library books with it.

“Stand Back,” Said the Elephant, “I’m Going to Sneeze!” by Patricia Thomas. We borrowed this one a long long time ago, when Gabby was talking much less, and I remember A) it was super fun to read, and B) Gabby loved repeating some pretty long sentences from it. Win-win.



Boo Hoo Bird by Jeremy Tankard. Gabby usually doesn’t ask for books again by the time we’ve returned them to the library, but she requests this one over and over. The story is simplistic at best, but the I LOVE LOVE LOVE the art.



I’m Not Scared! by Jonathan Allen. Another very simple story, but Gabby loved repeating “I’m NOT scared!!!” every other page so it keeps her participating.



Raising Dragons by Jerdine Nolen. Gabby loves anything with dragons, and this book is AWESOME. It’s not one of those toddler books with only one sentence per page, it’s pretty long to read but it keeps the vocabulary simple. The story is imaginative, the main character is strong and hard working and caring, and it keeps Gabby fascinated.



Well that’s it!


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