Another birthday weekend

Friday a coworker told me that iPhones were $50 off at Best Buy and I was done with my 2-year contract so I went to buy an iPhone 5. My 4 had a sticky home button that was so annoying. They even offered me $135 for my old phone cause they can refurbish it and resell it to people who aren’t out of contract and broke their phones. So in the end, I paid only $15 for my new phone! Plus tax, which was steep, but still awesome!

On Saturday it was Chris’ birthday. I took Gabby out at 2 parks (total: many hours!), since it was the first decent weather we’ve had in many weekends. The weather turned ugly later that day but it was nice to get out while we could! Chris went out with a friend to see The Hobbit.

On Saturday night we babysat for the first time! Some neighbors had a thing and we babysat their 4-year-old. The couple both work at my company and Gabby has played with their daughter at the local park many times. I told Chris he didn’t have to say yes since it was his birthday, but he figured it might be easier for them to play together instead of us spending ANOTHER weekend night trying to entertain Gabby stuck in the house. It was a pretty easy evening but also a very loud evening!!! Girls squeal a lot, sheesh! They were so excited that they ran and ran and ran laughing and screaming for probably a solid 30 minutes.

On Sunday, Gabby saw asked me to google photos of yellow dinosaurs (she thinks that’s the only thing laptops can do, look up pictures of cute stuff!) and she saw a photo of a yellow dinosaur cake that she just had to make. So we made it of course! Chris got a belated yellow dinosaur cake for his birthday, such a grownup! Later Gabby was all hyped up on sugar and wouldn’t nap, so I took her out shopping. We stopped by a sports store that had a rock climbing wall and free rock climbing for the kids to try. So random but pretty brilliant business plan, keep the kids busy while the parents shop! They asked us if Gabby wanted to try and I was really taken back cause who offers rock climbing to a 2-year-old, right?! But they said it was ok so why not!! Gabby loves climbing anything and everything so she didn’t skip a beat! She got pretty freaked out when it was time to let go and let the rope swing you down, but she handled it like a champ. Her eyes were opened really big and she was very serious, but she didn’t cry! After that, she took a 2.5 hour nap. Sweet!








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