Science night

A local elementary school was hosting a science night last night. The flyer said it was open to the community so we went, but it looked like it was mostly attended by the students and their families!

Gabby had a blast regardless, she was mesmerized by the UCSB Physics booth where UCSB students showed off some science experiments to the elementary kids. She ignored the microscope/biology/chemistry booth, loved the bugs/reptile booth, and refused to enter the big gymnasium where most of the other booths were located.

We wrapped up the evening with the Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit booth. Gabby has been really into space lately. She keeps begging “can I become an astronaut please please pleeease,” as if I, her mother, was the only thing standing between her and becoming an astronaut right this minute. Oh lord.

So the guys had telescopes already setup to see a few special things in the sky. We picked one at random and it was setup to look at Jupiter. It was good enough that we could see the stripes on the planet and its 4 bigger moons. I asked Gabby what Jupiter was, and she correctly replied “a planet.” Ah, that’s my girl!

Going back home, she’d already forgotten all about everything else she saw, she was quietly thinking about Jupiter. And then she came out with:

“When I grow up I wanna be an astronaut and go on a rocket ship to space and see Jupiter.”

Tears. So proud!


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