My darling husband spent a few hours snaking the kitchen drain yesterday evening, apparently putting celery bits through the garbage disposal is on the list of Things You Should Not Do. So now I know. After I learned that lesson, I googled a full list of things I shouldn’t put in the garbage disposal, for future reference. Apparently you shouldn’t put in: pasta, rice or anything made from grains, potatoes or anything starchy, celery or anything stringy, and of course nothing even remotely fatty like meats.

But you can put orange peels, those are good for a garbage disposal.

At this point I’m wondering, what can you put in a garbage disposal aside from citrus peel? There’s nothing left! Why don’t they call them “citrus peel disposal” instead?

My super duper husband is currently doing open-dryer surgery. He found 5 gallons of lint, a quarter, a screw, and a saw blade under the drum. A SAW BLADE?!?! Seriously. We’ll see if the dryer cooperates more once it’s in one piece again. I’ll hold up the saw blade to threaten it if it doesn’t, “dry or you get the blade, dryer!”

I told Gabby this morning that it was Thanksgiving, and asked her what she was thankful for.

Me: Gabby, today is Thanksgiving. This is a day when we hang out family and saw what we are thankful for. What are you thankful for? For example, you could be thankful for Raven, for letting you pet her. What else are you thankful for?

Gabby: Uhhh…

Me: Are you thankful for papa?

Gabby: Anathema.

Me: The cats come before us. Great. Are you thankful for grandma?

Gabby: No.

Ok, she clearly doesn’t really understand the principle! I’m thankful for my crazy little girl of a daughter, who may be wild and willful but also generous and kind-hearted. I’m thankful for our families who love and support us, even if we don’t always see eye-to-eye. I’m thankful that we have good steady jobs and good health (aside from the, oh, 5000 colds/year).

Above all, I’m thankful for my patient husband, who hasn’t killed me for putting celery in the garbage disposal.


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