Chris came home with Gabby at noon, the preschool called him to pick her up because she had an upset stomach. Wah! My day off!! Thankfully, I decided to relax in the morning rather than run errands, so I still got to spend a little time on the couch with some chick flicks. And I worked out, promise!

Chris watched Gabby while I made two recipes I wanted to try, both were a hit! Homemade fruit snacks/jellies/leather (whatever you want to call them, it was kind of a hybrid of those), and buffalo turkey meatball. The fruit jellies are healthy and pretty decent. The meatballs were AMAZING!

In the afternoon, the dyer stopped working. It has been making the worse loud awful high-pitched sound for weeks, but this afternoon it wouldn’t even start. I actually tried to start it a few hours later and it DID start, but the whole thing reminds us we’ll need a new dryer sooner rather than later. Maybe we can find some good Thanksgiving appliance sale!

As if that wasn’t enough, the kitchen sink decided to stop draining. Yay for homeownership. Chris is doing… hum… plumbing related stuff… I don’t understand plumbing.


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