Last time I wrote about my weight issues and two of you commented, and I paraphrase, “you’re getting fatter cause you’re old.” Oh, you guys! You’re just too nice. You make me feel so much better, thank you. That was awesome.

I’m just teasing, it didn’t upset me but it was pretty hilarious.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty careful these last few days and I’m down to 128. So yay? I’ve been watching my portions, getting healthy lunches (salads, leftovers), opting for healthier snacks (fruits over cheese or crackers), and (gulp!) cutting the booze. I think alcohol is a big problem, not only in the unnecessary calories themselves, but because they make me lose all self-control! And take 3 sips of wine and then I’m all “bet you $5 I can eat this whole box of Oreos!!”

I guess now my goal is to keep it up, especially through Thanksgiving weekend! Let’s lose more fat and get some muscles! Yeah! (I wish I actually felt half the enthusiasm I put down in writing!)

I’ve been sneaking in some 10-minute exercise videos at home with Gabby. I ask her if she wants to exercise and she is SO into it, “let’s DO IT!! Exercise! Wooh!” Then the video starts and she wiggles her hips a couple of times and she’s over it. She’s bored, she’s done, time to do something else. Trust me, little girl, I understand the feeling more than you know.

I get today off as a holiday, Gabby is at preschool, and Chris at home. I’m at home. All alone. All day. WOOHOO!!! The possibilities are endless!

Ugh, time to go exercise.

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