My Little Pinkie Pie

I planned a Rainbow Dash costume for myself for Halloween, Pinkie Pie is my favorite pony but Rainbow Dash just looks so much cooler. Sorry Pinkie. Anyway, I assumed that when Gabby saw my Rainbow Dash costume she’d want to be Pinkie Pie (her favorite as well) so I made her one!

My Rainbow Dash costume will premiere tomorrow, but tonight we went to a Halloween party at the natural history museum so I outfitted Gabby in her new costume. She looked so cute! I made the ears, wings, tail and balloon cutie mark. Chris was quick to point out that the balloons were way too big (I wanted them to be easily visible – Mission Accomplished) and that Pinkie Pie doesn’t actually have wings (but she should cause wings are awesome so gosh darn it if I wasn’t going to give her some).

Visiting the museum after dark was so much fun! They left all the exhibit lights closed so you could visit it with a flashlight. Really unique experience!

And now, pics!





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