Halloween weekend in pics

Friday there was a family Halloween party at my work. Gabby wore her robot costume for 15 minutes, but it was so hot that she had to take it off! In any case, she spent 5 minutes at the party and 1 hour playing around my desk. Pens! Paper! Push pins! She found all my cubicle toys and my candy bowl so she thinks that’s what mommy does at work.

We spent the weekend at my parents house with the whole family. We all did pumpkins and we actually followed a theme this year, My Little Pony!

Gabby is still sick. Chris brought her to the doctor yesterday and got antibiotics. The doctor gave us Augmentin AGAIN, even though I told the doctor many times that this medication sends Gabby into screaming fits with stomach pain. Except no one believes me, cause I’m just the mom. Gah!!! I called the office today to get the prescription changed, but somehow let myself get conned into a compromise. I’ll let Gabby take this medication to see if it happens again. The nurse is documenting my call and if Gabby gets really bad pain again they will put it in her file as an allergy. Gosh, I don’t hope she gets into any pain but I’d be happy to have it finally documented and they’ll stop arguing with me every darn time.

Ah, doctors! Anywho. Here’s our pumpkin photos!

Mine (2 sides):


My dad’s:

Philippe’s (3 side):


Gabby hard at work at mommy’s desk:


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