First day of preschool

We had a good and bad weekend. On Saturday, Gabrielle was wonderful. We met some friends at the Port Hueneme Banana Festival in the afternoon, went out to dinner at Olive Garden for the first time in 3 years (the last time we went, we decided on Gabby’s name!), and Gabby acted adorably and patiently through it all. She ate 3 whole breadsticks at Olive Garden. THREE! And chicken fingers. She was an eating MACHINE.

Then she spent all night waking up every 30 minutes asking for water. I figured it was because of the fact that she ate her weight in super salty breadsticks. So on Sunday we were all tired and short-tempered. She was acting like a horrible mess all day, doing all kinds of things she knows she shouldn’t do. We were all really for bedtime Sunday night.

She’s been waking up a lot at night for the last two weeks actually. We didn’t know if it was because of the potty training stress, preschool stress, all of the above, or none of the above. Then yesterday evening she was holding her mouth wide open for whatever playful reason and I saw it… A NEW TOOTH!! She’s got one of her 2-year molars coming in. It’s already half out of the skin. So that may explain some things! Poor thing has been working on potty training and a preschool transition while teething!

Yesterday, we started the new daycare. Chris’ car was acting up, so I dropped her off on her first day. BIG mistake. She was SO upset about me leaving her and cried and cried. I had to run out because I was just about ready to cry too. I didn’t like her crying when I left her at Kim’s place, but I knew she was happy the rest of the day and loved Kim so I didn’t mind. But because it was a new place and I didn’t know how long she’d be in a funk over my departure, I felt so so so awful.

I didn’t get a phone call to ask me to pick her up early or anything, so I assumed everything was going well. I picked her up at 5 and she was ok! Well, she sitting by herself looking in the distance, patiently waiting for me to pick her up and looking pretty sad. She saw me and say “mommy! I was waiting for you!” I was a little worried about the whole picture, but then when I told her “I’m here, let’s go home,” she snapped out of it and wanted to show me all the cool stuff she saw at school today. It was all “look at this!” and “mommy, come here, look at that!” and I wasn’t worried anymore! Obviously she’d had a good day. Her teacher confirmed that she had a great afternoon, first day considered.

Because the school is so much bigger than the daycare she previously attended, I think she got worried when all the other parents started showing up and not hers yet. In the car she told me, “daddy come but not my papa daddy, someone else’s daddy come.” Chris doesn’t like the sound of “daddy” (he thinks it can too easily sound whiny) so she calls him “papa”, but when she hears a lot of people use the term daddy (like at school) then she gets confused and starts calling Chris “papa daddy” which I think is hilarious! “Papa daddy” sounds so southern, doesn’t it?! Chris jokes that “papa daddy” is twice as masculine as “papa” or “daddy” alone, so he’s ok with it 😛

So in the end we survived our first day of preschool and all is well. Now we just have to survive the rest of the first week!

Photo from the banana festival:




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