Freaking out, please send wine!

We’re a little stressed out. First of all, I’m STILL sick with a sinus infection from the flu/cold I caught at PAX. I’ve got antibiotics now and it’s slowly going away, finally!

Second, our littlest evil cat (Anathema) has been pooping all over the garage since we moved in the house (yes, almost a year). We tried EVERYTHING. More boxes, different boxes, covered boxes, uncovered boxes, different litter substrate, different food, etc. Finally Chris threw in the towel and said he didn’t want anything to do with that cat anymore. He was ready to make her an outdoor only cat, but I’d rather give her up for adoption although I don’t think anyone would adopt a 6-year-old skittish unfriendly non-litter-trained cat. I took her to the vet yesterday almost ready to ask them to put her down… the vet calmed me down and suggested a few more tricks to try with Anathema. She suggested Feliway plug-ins which release cat pheromones in the air, that’s supposed to calm down little skittish evil cats. It’s like the first step toward kitty Prozac. Then she suggested Cat Attract which is something you put in the litter box to attract cats to it. It is generally used with kittens who have a hard time getting litter trained. She also suggested taking the inappropriately-placed poo and putting it in the litter manually and leaving it there, so the cat sees it and makes the association. Lovely.

The vet did suggest trying to find a new home for Anathema since she seems to be really stressed out about other animals. Putting up with Raven and Gabby was a lot for her to handle but moving to a new home in a neighborhood with much more outdoor cats and raccoons and wild animals was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Chris and I decided to try the tricks she suggested for the next month and if that doesn’t help then we’ll try to find a new home for her. Anathema is my cuddle buddy and I love her despite her general unfriendliness, so I’ve been pretty stressed about the whole situation and the idea of getting rid of her. But we’re almost at the point when we’re ready to say enough is enough. That cat better get on her best behavior if she knows what’s good for her.

Then yesterday, our daycare lady tells us that Gabby’s last daycare buddy her age left for preschool two weeks ago and Gabby should probably start preschool too since she’s now the only big kid with 3 babies. No wonder poor Gabby hates going to there lately, she must be so bored with all her friends gone!! So now we’re freaking out about finding a preschool ASAP so Gabby doesn’t get too depressed. I get that it’s not a real emergency, it’s not like we NEED to find something tomorrow. Heck, if I was a stay-at-home mom with 2 kids, Gabby would be alone with a baby too. That’s a pretty natural situation. But at the same time, it’s clear that this is no longer ideal for her. Being alone with not one but three babies must be pretty frustrating. I really wished they would have given us more warning!

So now it’s preschool search craziness! I’ve called a thousand places. A lot of preschools have a long waiting list, and you figure there’s got to be something wrong with the ones that do have open spots!! We’re touring a bunch of places in the next two weeks… Some affordable (more daycare-ish with the standard $1k/month) and some very expensive (real Montessori preschools that run closer to $1600/month) and surprisingly enough most preschools end up being more expensive than daycare – I thought it would get cheaper over time, what the heck! Some that offer full day care (7:30-5:30) and some that end at 2:45 (what are we going to do with that?! Spend MORE money for after-school babysitters?! Have Chris work 6am-2pm?). Some where she needs to be potty trained and some where she doesn’t need to be potty trained yet. Some where she’d be the oldest in the group and some where she’d be the youngest. Some where they operate on a school year calendar like a real school (meaning they’re off in the summer and we’d have to find a summer camp) and some where they operate year-round like a daycare. Some where she’d be in the same group for a couple of years and some where she’d change groups in 3 months (in places where the classroom cut-off between the toddler classroom and the preschool classroom is 2.5) or in 9 months (where the cut-off is 3).

It’s just so hard because I think she’s way too advanced in so many ways to be in a 18 months to 2.5 toddler room, but at the same time she definitively very much lacks the attention span to be pushed her into the 3-5 age group. And some places have 2.5-5 in the same classroom and I asked if she could be put into that and they said NO even though she’s less than 3 months away from being 2.5!!! Seriously, you want her to start in October and then change classrooms/teachers/friends in December?! Jerks.

Thirdly! Conveniently enough, we were considering starting official potty training this weekend – as in totally no more diapers during the day. Now that we’re looking at a few preschools where she’d need to be already potty trained, we’re definitively pulling the rug this weekend and hoping it’ll work out quickly so we can consider preschools where she’d need to already be potty-trained. Like when we moved her to sleeping in her own bed the whole night, I promised her another big girl party with grandma and grandpa if she can go one full day without accidents. I wonder how this is going to go. Wish us luck!

So yeah, cat ownership decisions, last-minute preschool searching frenzy, and potty training…. all in one week! We’re now emotionally drained. And potty-training weekend is just starting. Please send wine, we’ll need it!


3 thoughts on “Freaking out, please send wine!

  1. We are giving up both our cats in a month. Lots of reasons. Luckily the people I adopted them from gave a lifetime guaranteeto take them back so guess what? They get the back. They will live in a foster home with lots of cats but better than being put down. So good luck with your cat decision.
    About preschool… Just take your time as some places suck. You don’t want to keep moving gabby around…stressful and expensive. She will be fine at her current place until you find something else.

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