Halloween prep

I started thinking about what costume we’d do for Gabby this year. Then a fellow mom said her 3-year-old daughter wanted to be Spider-Man (a costume she already owns). Did you know that just about any boy costume can be make into a super cute girl costume if you just add a cute puffy tutu of the same color scheme. Geeks for the win!

Anyway, this idea of asking the child what they wanted to be… Well that’s a novel concept! Gabby couldn’t form an opinion about Halloween or Halloween costumes last year, but she might get involved this year!

So I slowly explained to Gabby that Halloween was coming up and what it was. You get into a costume and knock at people’s doors and say “trick or treat!” and they give you candy! Gabby immediately ran around frantically looking for her shoes, yelling, “oh my gosh! Let’s go!” It took a while to calm her down and explain it was not for another 2 months but we needed to start planning her costume. Major disappointment!

I asked her what she wanted to be. A zebra? Yes. A pony? Yes. A monkey? Yes. A witch? Yes. She was saying yes to everything! We’ve been working on her for 3 days and she keeps giving us different answers. At the end of the first day, the most common answer was a fish. A fish was later clarified to be an octopus, but given the choice between octopus and shark, she picked shark.

On the second day — and this isn’t a choice we had offered, she came up with it on her own — she was quite determined to be….. a surfboarder! WHAT?! Where does she get this stuff?! But we were quite on board with this. Because “Surf’s Up” is one of our favorite kid movies, we were going to get her a penguin costume, make her a little fake surfboard out of foam, and a seashell necklace with a big Z on it. I taught her to say “duuuude!” and we were working our way up to, “let me be me.”

Today, quite to our disappointment, the most frequent answer was giraffe. Yawn. I don’t know, we’ll see if she finally settles down on something in the next couple of weeks.

I quizzed Gabby this afternoon to see if she remembered what to say at people’s doors, expecting her to repeat “trick or treat” as I had told her. She replies “Peoples! I get candyyyyy!” Looks like we have two months to correct her trick-or-treating methods!


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