Surviving PAX

We’re back home! PAX was a lot of fun, but it’s not easy task traveling with a 2-year old who’s favorite catch phrase is “I want to go home.” Kind of makes you feel like a rotten parent for taking her on a trip! We didn’t even think about asking my parents to babysit Gabby at home rather than have them and her on the trip with us. Ultimately, that would have been easier for everyone this year. She’s just really into being home right now! Restaurant upon restaurant was way too much for her patience, and she was super restless being stuck in a tiny hotel room. Redeeming point: We brought her to the hotel pool, her first time in a real pool… She was in heaven!

Gabby did alright on the plane rides. Both ways, she watched a movie the first hour and then she fell asleep and took a nap during the second hour. Pretty much the best scenario we could have imagined! Thank god for 2 hour flights!

I returned home sick, of course, with some sort of super flu. I literally slept 36 hours. I didn’t even get out of bed yesterday. I couldn’t hold down food or much liquid. This morning I am conscious and drinking apple juice like a pro! So far Chris and Gabby are feeling ok, let’s hope it stays that way!


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