Gabrielle’s Axioms

Gabrielle has really been blowing us away with her sentence structure lately. She says things that leave Chris and I looking each other in disbelief, thinking “did our 2-year-old really just say that?”

For example, Gabrielle was petting the cat on one of the hot days we’ve been getting lately, and she said “Aww, cat tail, so cute! So furry! Sometimes the cat gets hot.”

Or yesterday, she said “I have one snack in my hand.” Not “I snack hand” or “snack Gabby hand” or some other baby version, nope. I was so proud of her sentence, I let it slide that she actually had three snacks in her hand, not just one!

She’s also been adding a lot of personality to her responses. She’ll often say things like “no way!” (as in disbelief, not as a refusal), “so cool!”, and “aww, man!” So cute.

Her daycare buddy is leaving on a trip to Hawaii soon, so last night Gabby was talking to no end about it. She was telling us about trips and airplanes, things to see in Hawaii (dolphins! starfish!), and she kept asking us to go on a trip to Hawaii. I wish! I tried to explain to her that we were going on a trip soon too, to SEATTLE! Isn’t that AWESOME?! But no, Seattle didn’t give her an ounce of excitement. Apparently Seattle is not as cool as Hawaii (dolphins! starfish!).


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