Potty training, step 1

Chris and I looked at each other this weekend and decided it was time to stop being lazy bums and officially potty-train Gabby. Step 1: Get her to sleep in her own bed. Because, hey, I don’t want pee in mine.

Ever since Gabby’s been out of the 4-sided crib, just about one year ago, she wakes up in the middle of the night and climbs up into our bed. I never thought I’d be that hippy person with a family bed, except I like cuddling with her and I love not getting up to put her back into her own bed even more.

But above all I love a pee-free bed, so out she goes.

We started Saturday night. At bedtime I explained to her that she was a big girl now and she had to sleep in her own bed the whole night because she was too big to come into ours anymore. She wasn’t thrilled about this announcement but she said “ok.”

She woke up at 2am and came into our room, but she went back to her bed when I told her to. However, she kept getting back out and into our room. She was crying and begging from her bedroom “mommy? mommy hug?” Oh gosh that just about broke my little mommy heart!

I refused to go cuddle with her in her bed (kind of defeats the purpose), so in the end I stood in the door frame of her room for a couple of minutes until she fell asleep. Overall she was not screaming or hysterically, just confused and sad. The whole thing from start to finish took about 20 minutes and then she woke up at 6am which isn’t too bad, though she’d been averaging 6:30 lately.

Last night, however, oh boy. She woke up at 1am, and we did the same song and dance as the previous night, except she did it EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR. Then she woke up at 5am saying she was hungry and looking completely awake. I gave her a snack but I made her eat it in her bed and then told her it was the “middle of the night” and we had to go back to sleep. She did… for exactly 15 minutes and then she was up again for good. Ugh. Short night for everyone!

Of all the stupid ideas, Chris and I had decided to stay up late last night not really remembering we might be up all night because of Gabby… Oops! It will be an early bedtime for us this week, just in case!

Wish us luck! Once she sleeps in her bed the whole night, we’ll start potty training. Man, the fun just keeps on coming.

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