Gabrielle’s Axioms: Soupy

Gabrielle has gotten into the habit of cute-ifying words by adding “y” at the end. Unfortunately for her, I’m immune to her baby-talk charm. I say nah-ah, no child of mine is going to go from saying the right word the right way to mispronouncing things on purpose to look cute. No way.

Gabby: “I want soupy.”
Me: “Gabby, it’s just soup.”
Gabby: “Soupy?”
Me: “No ‘y’, it’s called soup. No soupy, soup. Soup.”
Gabby: “No soupy?”
Me: “It’s just called soup! We have soup! You can soup! No y! Soup soup SSSOOUUPP!”

It drives me nuts! She does it with “soupy” (soup) and “chipies” (chips). After correcting her 500 times, she’ll eventually say it correctly, just to mispronounce it again the next time. Why is she starting this now, after months of pronouncing these words correctly?! Stubborn child. It’s annoying too cause it’s so easy to get sucked in…

Me: “Soup!”
Gabby: “Soupy?”
Me: “Soup!”
Gabby: “Soupy?”
Me: “Soup!!!!”
Gabby: “Soup.”
Me: “Soupy. Noooooo!! You tricked me!”

I think she’s playing mind games with me.


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