Fun with tape

Today, I don’t know what happened, I guess I was bored… I went into full preschool-activity mode. Fun with paint, tape, string, and cotton balls. Gabby, however is either way too stupid or way too smart to do anything she’s supposed to do during these activities.

Activity 1: Put paints in ziplock bags and tape the bags down to keep them from moving around. Push with your finger to “draw” in the paint, and mix the paint to make new colors!
What Gabby did: Paid zero attention to the paint. Spent 10 minutes trying to take the tape off.


Activity 2: Play with tape, strings, and cotton balls. Create things.
What Gabby did: Taped everything to her feet.






Activity 3: Play with tape and wooden blocks. Build structures, stack, make robots, towers, anything.
What Gabby did: Taped wooden block to her feet.



I give up!!!

Anyway, we needed something else to do, so I made up a story about how it was our cat Raven’s birthday and we had to throw her a good party. Gabby made a list of things we needed, we went shopping, we decorated, we bought Raven a gift (cat treats) and wrapped it like a gift, made cupcakes, even got on party dresses, Chris made his fancy spaghetti and meatballs. We went all out with it! It was fun!





Happy weekend!


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