Project No-restaurants June

Well it’s July and you’re wondering how Project No-Restaurant June went, right?

– We had some disagreement about what constituted “no restaurants.” One weekend day, it was really hot so we went out for ice cream and a walk in the park. I thought we were cheating, but Chris said “I only agreed to no MEALS out. Ice cream is not a meal.” What kind of weird logic is that? We did “cheat” a couple more times with Sunday morning donuts, since Chris also claimed it wasn’t cheating. I still think it’s wrong, after all the whole point was to stop paying premium to get food we don’t even know what ingredients it contains. By his principle, we could have gone out at a Mexican restaurant for fresh chips and salsa? Fries? That’s just flawed thinking, if you asked me. Anyway.

– We did save money. I think. I didn’t really check, but I’m assuming we did. We survived a whole week on lunch meats, leftover homemade burgers, and hot dogs. Total cost: what, like $30?! Boo-yah.

– We did not eat healthier. Hello frozen lasagna, frozen pizza, frozen fried rice, frozen everything. It’s the only way we could make it some nights (many nights, most nights), by just throwing a box in the oven.

– I did not lose weight after all. I thought I’d magically lose 5 pounds by cutting all the restaurant food (with its large portion and hidden fats) but turns out I was so frustrated about not being able to satisfy my cravings (for fresh tortilla chips and salsa, for example) that I ate way more desserts. Because I deserved it for all the self-control and suffering, of course. I was also eating less at meals, so I ate more unhealthy crap outside of meals.

– Holy dishes, Batman! Eating out definitively has its advantages.

– We cracked on June 22nd and called it quits. June 22nd, that’s practically July, right?! Close enough.

So you’re wondering, “it’s July, now what”? Good question. While we were doing the pledge, we thought maybe we could extend it into July and buy ourselves some new electronic gadget with all the money we saved. Ha, forget that. Not worth it. Don’t ever ask me to live without fresh chips and salsa ever again! I almost died.

But seriously, we do think it helped us break some bad habits. The proof: now we actually look in the fridge before saying “meh, wanna go get Mexican?” That’s success right there!


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