Busy Saturday

Chris and I had the crazy ideas to use the side yard (the one we abandoned and left unkept for weeds to go wild) to keep quails! Urban chickens are pretty popular but chickens are gross and scary. Quails are so much cuter!

First, we had to clean up the area. This is the “before” picture, after Chris had already spent 2 hours weeding:


Removing all the little rocks:


Turning the dirt (we’ll tarp the area to prevent further weed growth):


Gabrielle and I played with Catch, painted, played in the pool, went to the aquarium:






There was a water polo game at the pier!


Our veggie garden is “exploding,” we keep finding new plants outside the boxes. I guess Gabby leaving half-eaten veggies around is paying off! Cherry tomatoes in the flower bed:


Who knows what this is?! It looks most like a green string bean plant, so we’re calling it the magical bean stalk. It’s already like four feet high!


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