Gabrielle’s Axioms

– I taught Gabrielle about germs. Now that goes around clapping her hands, saying “I catch the germs!”

– She’s been getting obsessed with spiders and bugs, but negatively so. She’s afraid of them going in her mouth, crawling inside and behind her eyes (yeah, creepy, right?!), and bees stings. To make things worse, in the bath this week, I left her alone for 2 seconds to go grab a towel from the hallway closet when I hear her screaming. I go back and she’s sitting there looking absolutely terrified, saying “spider” and pointing to her back. I take a glance and see nothing and I figure she’s making stuff up so I rub her head and tell her there’s nothing there. Then I see a large spider walks around on her shoulder!!! Poor girl really did have a spider on her, how scary!!!


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