I took Wednesday off to relax. I cleaned the house, gardened, and visited my friend Jenny’s adorable new baby boy!

For the garden, I wanted to fix an area in front of the house. It had rocky dry sandy soil, a dead plant, and 4 small succulents. I removed everything, dug up about 60 gallons of rocky soil, and spread around new dirt. I planted 15 succulents and the rest is a patch of succulent ground cover that I broke up into little bits to spread around.

The result:


I wish I had taken a before picture, because the change is so drastic!

On Thursday, I went to E3. It’s a huge video game expo, but it’s not open to the public. It’s an invitation-only trade show for only those in the industry. I was able to attend with a media badge because of GeekMom! How cool is it that I’m media?! Makes me laugh every time. I interviewed a Nintendo executive, played lots of games that are coming out next year, and it was super fun!

A few pics:




In other news, our daycare lady asked that we get a helmet for Gabby because she’s getting a little wild on the scooter. No really, Gabrielle, wild?! Who could believe that?!

Gabrielle picked it herself!



We went to the ER with Gabrielle Thursday night, she burned her arm on a hot pan 😦 It wasn’t really bad and she didn’t seem in any pain after the initial shock, but since it was kind of large (1.5 inch maybe?) we wanted to get a really good burn cream for it. So now we’re keeping it bandaged up, and thankfully (and much to my surprise) she’s actually keeping the bandage on and not picking at it too often!

We have a calm weekend ahead. Yay!


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