I love me some self-imposed challenges. I get all these stupid ideas, I swear.

The skin on my face had finally been doing so much better a few months ago, then it went super crazy horrible again. Ugh. I always had the sneaking suspicion that maybe I was allergic to chocolate because I felt like chocolate made it worse. After month of sneaking in chocolate more and more often (free candy at work, free cakes and donuts on Fridays at work, chocolate chip cookies at home, chocolate croissants and desserts on weekend), I decided May would be a no chocolate month for me. I could still eat whatever junk I wanted, but no chocolate at all.

I don’t really like chocolate on its own, but I like chocolate-flavored desserts. With no-chocolate-May I tried all kinds of no-chocolate junk food (jelly donuts, sugar cookies) and they just don’t taste that good to me… Kind of a good thing, no-chocolate-May made me eat less junk in the end because I have more self-control towards the other stuff.

Now May is over and I’m glad to report I did pretty good. I cheated 3 times with chocolate ice cream cones that I had purchased prior to May. It was really hot outside and they were RIGHT THERE and already paid for, so why waste them, right?! I also ate a couple of m&m’s that Gabby shoved into my mouth… can’t say no to the kiddo, right? Aside from that, I really did good. Unfortunately, my skin didn’t get any better.

However, I did go get a facial at the Bacara Resort and the facial lady gave me the most useful diagnosis than I had ever gotten, even from any doctor. She asked me “do you eat a lot of meat?” Ugh, yeah. We’re pretty much a meat-and-carbs family of 3. She told me that I’m eating a greater meat-to-greens ratio than my liver and kidney only could process. The skin is actually an excellent detoxifying organ, so it is doing more work trying to help balance me out. As I left, she told me “eat some greens, ok?”

So now even my facial-lady is getting on my case!

Anyway, we *used* to eat healthy but now that we have Gabby and full time jobs and even part-time jobs (me writing) and a house to take care of, well argh, diet went out the window and we do what we need to survive. At least that’s what it feels like.

But not in June. Enough is enough. I made a pack with Chris: no restaurants in June!!!

This is going to be hard. Very hard. Much harder than no-chocolate-May. We’ve been eating at restaurants and ordering take-out many nights a week. It saves us time, energy, and there’s much fewer dishes to do. It’s also costing us a fortune, expanding our waistlines, and apparently screwing up my skin since I tend to add more veggies to our meals when I cook at home!

It’s June 5th and we’re already struggling keeping up with the dishes. I can already tell you that the key to success will be frozen meals to pop in the oven when we’re tired or Gabrielle is flipping out or we’re out of fresh food. Frozen meals are not any healthier than take-out, but they sure are saving us a lot of money at least! Frozen food notwithstanding, I think this is going to be good for us. My pants feel a little bigger already!


One thought on “Challenges

  1. Do you have a rice cooker? That helps us a lot. I make REALLY simple dinners. Even though I don’t work – I don’t have time to slave over a meal. I make simple chicken breast or fish fillet (bought frozen and thawed), rice, and a veg – like roasted broccoli or roasted spinach. (Roasted spinach is so much better than sauteed – 7 mins at 400 on a cookie sheet stirred once half way.) It’s faster and cheaper than eating out. I promise. Also I recently bought a jar of premade pesto (refrigerated) and cooking chicken breast couldn’t be easier.

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