Gabrielle’s Axioms

(In a parking lot)
Me: Gabby, do you want mommy to buy you a gift for your birthday next weekend?
Gabby: A GIFT?!!?!!!!!
Me: Yep, you get a gift for your birthday, is there something you would like?
Gabby: A car.
Me: A car?!
Gabby, pointing to an extra large GMC SUV: Uh-huh…. THAT one.
(At this point I’m strapping her in the car and leaving the parking lot)
Me: So do you want a toy? Or a book or a movie?
Gabby: A car.
Me: Ok, what color?
Gabby: Pink.
Me: A big car or a little car?
Gabby: Little car.
Me: Ok, so pink outside, what color for the interior?
She started ignoring me at that point, perhaps I was asking for too many details. Or she was daydreaming about her little pink car. In any case, it seems we now need to find her a little pink car. Think she’d be content with a pink Hot Wheels?!


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