Gabrielle’s Axioms

Me: What’s the opposite of wet?
Gabrielle: Dirty.
(True that)

(Taking out bread for breakfast)
Me: Do you want to toast your bread?
G: No I want to eat it!

(Going to dinner)
Me: What did you have for lunch at Kim’s house today?
Gabrielle: Pizza!
Me: Wow, you’re so lucky!
G: Mommy pizza.
Me: Huh?
G: Mommy large.
(I don’t like where this is going)
Me: What?!
G: Mommy hungry.
Me: In fact, I *am* hungry!
G: I’m hungry too.

(On the way home after picking her from daycare)
G: Go to zoo
Me: The zoo is closed right now but papa can bring you to the zoo tomorrow. Tomorrow papa is watching you, it’s a papa day!
G: Oh! Papa day?! Gabby cute.
Me: Gabby is cute? Is that what papa says?
G: Uh-huh.
Me: What does mommy say?
G: Mommy cute!
(It’s not true! I don’t say that!)




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