Gabrielle’s Axioms

Since we have so many hilarious conversations with Gabrielle now, I figured I’d start a series called “Gabrielle’s Axioms”. I’ve already been posting little tidbits of conversations here, but I figured I’ll just start saving the best ones each week and post it all together. Fun, right?

For those not so well-versed in mathematical verbiage, axioms are statements that cannot be proven. They are assumed to be true and can be used as the basis to prove other propositions. I thought it was perfect for Gabby, who says the most complete nonsense in such a matter-of-factly way.

Me: What’s iron?
Gabby: Metal.
(Good girl!)

Me: What’s the opposite of cold?
Gabby: Hot.
Me: What’s the opposite of white?
Gabby: Popsicle banana.
(I suppose they ARE very different)

As she woke up 30 minutes after we put her to bed, she walks to the living room where we were watching TV.
Gabby: Hi!
Me: Errr, hi? Go back to bed.
Gabby: Ok!
I tuck her back into bed.
Gabby: I’m Gabby!
Me: Yes, I know.
Gabby: Gabby drums.
Me: What?!
Gabby: Gabby drums!
Me: You want to play drums?!
Gabby: Ok!
Me: Ok, well you can play drums, but not tonight.
Gabby: Aww, ok.

Gabrielle: Cookie!
Chris: Ok, you can have ONE cookie.
Gabby: BIG cookie.
Me: Gabby, they’re all the same size.
Gabby: BIG cookie.
Chris: Ok, I’m giving you the BIGGEST cookie.
Gabby: Ok!
Me: It also happens to be the smallest cookie. Cause they’re all the same size.
Gabby: Oh. Mmm-ok.

And yes, she bumped her head at daycare pretty bad, as you can see in these pictures!




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