Ella and Eli

For Jenny’s baby shower last weekend, we (my mom) bought tons of cute teddy bears to decorate the tables. Along the bunch was a boy version of Ella. He’s exactly the same as Ella but with a blue bow and paws instead of pink. We gave all the bears to Jenny after the party, but I kept boy-Ella for Gabrielle. After all, everyone says you should buy 2 of your child’s favorite lovey. I named him Eli, and I was excited to present him to Gabby! I thought he would be handy because she might accept either as a sleep companion therefore removing the stress of OHMYGODWHERESELLA every night before bed because hey, we’d have two!

Except no, now she needs BOTH! “Where’s Ella?” became “where’s Ella and Eli?” or “I found Ella but I can’t find Eli!” Double the headache! Man, kids are trouble!



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