The peoples are coming. Make a cake.

Gabrielle and I were making brownies together Friday night in preparation of Saturday’s party, and our friends Ryan and Amanda came over that night to hang out until Gabrielle was ready for bed. She really liked them and was so excited to show them all of her toys! Then this morning we had this conversation with Gabrielle:

Gabrielle, taking the flour and sugar out of the pantry: “I make a cake.”

Me: “We’re not going to make a cake today. Maybe this weekend.”
Then she runs to the front door and says “The people are coming to the house. Make a cake.”
I tell her: “Sorry, Ryan and Amanda are not coming today. They went back home.”
She gave me the dirtiest look I’ve ever seen, she was so angry I wasn’t letting them come over to play! She went back to the pantry and continued to take the flour and sugar out and bringing them to the living room where we were.
Me: “Please don’t open the flour.”
Gabrielle, opening the bag and smelling inside, exclaimed in surprise: “It doesn’t smell like flowers!”

2 thoughts on “The peoples are coming. Make a cake.

  1. Ah, those severe angry eyes. I got those last weekends. She kept going to the fridge. So, I finally said “no, stop trying to get to the fridge, no is no, you understand that”. She walked away very unhappy, then turned around and give the “Gaby angry look”. So laughable, I needed all my will to stay serious.

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