Big girl

Gabrielle is a big-kid-swing kind of girl now, none of that baby stuff around here!




My favorite expression of hers these days is “oh wow”. She says it after we explain something to her. She gets that thoughtful look in her eyes as she processes the information then finally replies “oh wow.”

Me, paint a small patch fix on a wall.
G: Mommy? Paint wall?
Me: Yeah, I’m painting the wall. We paint the walls to make the house look pretty.
G: …….. Oh wow!

She’s so funny. Oh and this blew us away. We were driving home a few days ago and Gabrielle out of the blue goes on to explain a whole episode of Curious George to us! It was the episode where George and Hundley hear a scary sound in the basement, cover their ears so they wouldn’t be afraid, use a tape recorder to find where the noise is coming from, and find out in the end it was a toy making a cow sound that sounded like a ghost.

Gabby went on and on with “George Hundley noise oooooh ghost moooo cow noise and the ears. George Hundley oooooh dark moooo ghost AH! moooo cow ooooh ghost and George and Hundley moooo ghost cow…”

You bet we played that episode for her when we got home!!


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