Color woes

We still needed to paint our second bathroom. It was supposed to be light grey like the master bathroom and the hallway. However, after months of the light grey in the master bathroom, I decided that grey bathrooms are depressing as hell. And not flattering on the skin tone at all.

So I did what any color-crazy person would do. Picked paint in John Deere colors. The second bathroom was to be bright yellow and the master bathroom in true green.

I painted the yellow bathroom first. We hated it. It looked like you were standing inside a lemon meringue pie. So bright, it actually hurt our eyes. Honesty I might have picked a lighter or darker shade of this color and it probably would have been a lot less painful on the retina, but this shade was called “Tequila Sunrise.” I mean COME ON, who can say no to that name?! Sounds like a vacation in a color.



After one day, Chris admitted the color was growing on him, I still couldn’t stand it. Finally, after a couple of days of trying to play up the yellow in a theme that would embrace it rather than call for me to paint yet again, I found the solution: yellow and black bee theme. Black would totally balance and offset this crazy yellow.

I found a black with white polka dot shower curtain online, then set out to find a oversized daisy wall decal in white and some cute bee art. Then I fell in love with a black decal of a fairy tale scene and scraped the whole bee theme. So now it’s going to be a black and yellow fairy tale dragon theme bathroom, because THAT makes sense.

I can’t show you the finished product yet because I purchased everything online and it hasn’t arrived yet. But believe it or not, I can really see it. I think it’s going to work. I can totally rock black and yellow dragon theme.

On to the master bathroom and the John Deere green, named “Erin Go Braght.” Holy cow. I wanted a true green, a sort of emerald green, dark but bright.

Alas, it’s not quite what I was expecting. It had a little too much yellow, making it look like burned summer grass. Sadly, it looks much better in the picture than in person.




So meh. As I was painting it, I thought it was just an awesome Ninja Turtle 80’s green. Chris even voted to decorate with framed ninja turtle art. But the finished dried color just fell short of awesome. It had so much potential.

I’m going to repaint the master bathroom. Again. I’m trying one last stupid color, and if it doesn’t work I told Chris to revoke my color license.

Meet 052-5, a.k.a. “Inch Worm.” I kid you not, that’s the actual color name. Bought online, should be getting it any day now. Wish me luck!


By the way, we’re in such a rush to finish the house decor because we’re hosting my friend’s baby shower the weekend after Easter. It’s so soon! We have so much left to finish! like painting the closet doors in all 3 bedrooms, hanging up more frames, finding art to out in those frames, and priming/painting/decorating Gabrielle’s reading nook. Ah!

If that wasn’t enough, I’m also writing for Pocket Next, writing for GeekMom, and leading the GeekMom Book Club this month… And I haven’t even finished reading the book yet! I didn’t think it was possible, but I think Chris is starting to get jealous of the Internet. It’s getting all of my attention from 9pm to midnight lately. That is every night when I’m not painting!

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