The first strawberry!

We ate out very first homegrown strawberry! Technically we weren’t the first to eat it, a bug or animal had already eaten the tip! But we picked it anyway, wash it, and divided it in 3! It was a very small but tasty bite!


Last weekend my mom babysat Gabrielle so Chris and I could get one step closer to finishing the house before the baby shower I am hosting mid-April!

Chris finished our vegetable box outside, and took out lots and lots of weeds. By the way I forgot to mention we finally bought a lawn mower (a manual push kind, good Eco-friendly people!) and cut off 60 GALLONS of grass!!!!


I painted a second coat in the living room, put up lots of art, and curtains!







Left to do: paint both bathrooms (I had a change of heart about the color of our bathroom!), hang up more art, paint and decorate Gabrielle’s reading nook closet, and hang up a valance in Gabrielle’s bedroom. Whew!


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