Toddler Bowling!

Chris was watching Gabrielle yesterday, and he goofed up. He put Gabrielle down for a nap WAY late and she slept for 2.5 hours. Basically she had just woken up when I got home from work! I knew we’d have to find some way to tire her out, so I suggested bowling!

We put the bumpers up and got a ramp so she could push the ball down.




Of course, Gabrielle being Gabrielle, she saw all the other big kids bowling without the ramp. And she’s not fool, she doesn’t want to be the sucker using the baby ramp! So she had a lot of fun the first 15 minutes and then got frustrated she couldn’t play like everyone else. It was also very hard to keep contained inside the invisible constraint of our lane. She did also enjoy sitting and watching us bowl a few balls and cheering for us.

Eventually though, she found the arcade section and that was much more to her taste. She burned rubber on the streets of Las Vegas with deadly focus!






We even bumped into her daycare lady, her daycare buddies (it was his birthday party), and some friends of ours! We run into this couple (that we know from grad school at UCSB) and their 8-ish year old son everywhere. Do that mean we’re raising Gabrielle like an 8 year old boy?!


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