Game journalist

Thank heavens for daylight savings time. And being done with sickness and antibiotics. Now we have actual daylight in the evening to play with Gabrielle outside after work, it makes taking care of her in the evenings so much easier! Moreover, she’s been sleeping in until 7:15-7:30 (!!!) which is way more than the 1 hour difference daylight savings time gave us. This makes a huge difference from the barely-5am we’ve been dealing with for months. Chris and I are rushing like crazy to get out the door and to work on time, but it’s totally worth it.

Yesterday morning as she woke up I said “good morning, cupcake” as I often do. She usually doesn’t have a problem with me calling her cupcake, but yesterday she started fighting me for the rights to claim this mysterious cupcake!

Me: “Good morning, cupcake!”
Gabrielle: “MY cupcake.”
Me: “YOU are my cupcake.”
Gabrielle: “No, MY cupcake!!!” At which point she ran off to the kitchen to find the cupcake I had so brutally claimed while she was sleeping. She was to be disappointed, no cupcakes in the house.

She has forgotten all about “awesome” (I’m so sad! I had just gotten her to say “awesome, dude!”), now her favorite word is “cute.” At the park she calls out every spider, “spider! ha ha ha cute!” (Not my taste!)

She’s also in love with Hundley the dog in the Curious George TV show, whenever he comes up on the screen again she exclaims “Hundley, ha ha ha cute!” Calling things cute is apparently VERY funny.

I think SHE’s very funny.

In other non-Gabrielle related news, I feel like a rock star with all the interviews I’ve been doing for! Yesterday I had the chance to chat with one of the Intel Science Talent Search finalists. Not only was this teenage genius awesome and super nice, she actually sat down to chat with me directly after she and all the finalists went to meet President Obama! That basically makes me the country’s second most important person, right?! Of course right.

Last but not least, I have a new job! I really enjoy writing for GeekMom, it’s unpaid but I don’t really care… I’m learning a lot, bonding with fantastic geeky ladies, and gaining experience as a writer! Then last week this part-time video game journalist job came in my radar, for which is a new website that reviews free/free-to-play iOS (meaning iPhone and iPad) games. Game journalism is like the epitome of the perfect job for geeks/gamers/writers. You get paid to play games and write! How awesome is that?! So I figured what the hell, I’ll give it a shot. I wrote a sample article specifically for them and sent it along with samples of my writing from this blog and GeekMom, and my totally inapplicable non-writer resume.


Score! You’re looking at PocketNext’s new game journalist! We’re still working out a schedule for me that’s a reasonable commitment, what with my full time job, my kid, and my GeekMom gig. It looks like I’ll be writing 1 or 2 posts per week, and getting paid for it! It was my secret personal goal/resolution to get paid for something I write in 2012, so booya! Goal accomplished in March! It pays very (very very very) little, but the fact that they’re paying me at all to play games and write about them is pretty darn cool. I have yet to write anything for them, but they just added me to the About Us section so it’s pretty official. I’m a game journalist, wooh!

Last bit of news, look! Our strawberries are growing!



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