Secondhand snow

We’ve been crazy sick here… again. Chris went to Utah for a snowboarding weekend with my family two weekends ago. I stayed home with Gabrielle because:

1) in between all the sick days I’m taking for myself and Gabrielle, I don’t have much Paid Time Off,
2) I certainly don’t want to spend what little PTO I do have on anything less than white sandy beaches and drinks with little umbrellas, and
3) my boss forbids me to go anywhere near snow because it makes me sick and makes me miss work after my vacation is over.

So Chris comes back on Monday eight days ago, and I wake up the very next day with a sore throat. I got sick from secondhand snow! Now that’s talent. I’ve been dragging this cold for a week and it shows no sign of letting go of me anytime soon.

Meanwhile Gabrielle is on antibiotics for her very own sinus infection. Somewhere between the sickness and medicine, she’s also not sleeping too well. She’s waking up at all hours asking for a drink of water, it’s a new and annoying habit for us. When she does sleep, she’s having nightmares about killing zombies, or so it seems judging from the beatings Chris and I are taking in bed.

Nevertheless, my girls weekend with Gabrielle was fabulous and refreshing. Chris had a blast snowboarding and generally being kid free. And last weekend we had 80 degree weather allowing for some quality family beach time (sick or not)!! Can’t complain at the beach.


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