Gabrielle didn’t want to go to sleep Wednesday night. We usually have to push her to stay up until 8pm, but that night it was 9:15pm before she finally went down. The next morning she woke up at 6:45am!!! That’s unheard of in Gabby territory.

The following night, that would be last night, same thing. She wouldn’t go down until 10. TEN! I was laughing at the joy of sleeping in past 7am on a Friday morning, what a gift that would be! She woke up at…. wait for it…. 5:30am. Sweet mother of mercy. That kid is going to kill me one day.

I just remembered a conversation from a couple of weeks ago. I suggested having a picnic at the beach for dinner, so we had to pick up sandwiches at Trader Joe’s then go to the beach. I was drilling the schedule Dora-style into Gabrielle so she wouldn’t flip out that we weren’t going to the beach right away. “First, store. Second, beach. First, store. Second, beach.” Out of nowhere, Gabrielle goes “third, bath.”

She knows she always gets a warm bath after the beach, clever girl. But seriously, “third”?! What kind of bizarre 21-month old has “third” in her vocabulary?!

Also, did I mentioned I had to retire some of her smaller 2T clothes that I bought, like, 3 months ago?! She’s now sporting some 3T. Buying a whole new wardrobe every few months was exciting at first, now it just pisses me off. The occasional new dress is all fun and games, but I don’t WANT to spend $70 on a whole new set of pajamas, ok Gabby?! Stop growing or get a job!


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