Our new favorite word from Gabrielle: awesome!

Me: “It’s dirty.”
Gabrielle: “It’s dirty? Awesome!”

Gabrielle, in the car on the way to the butterfly park and the beach: “Butterflies, awesome! Beach, awesome! Butterflies, awesome! Beach, awesome! Butterflies, awesome! Beach, awesome!”
Me: “Ok Gabby, let’s make a list of all the awesome things. What else is awesome?”
Gabrielle: “Cake.”

The girl is a broken record. Lately she’s all about: baking cakes (but not so much about eating them), making toasts with jam (again, not so much about eating them), and going to the beach.

We finally cut her off bottles, sadly we’re having a really hard time getting her to drink any milk at all now. On the flip side, she is eating like CRAZY. I swear there’s a 15 year old boy inside her! The girl can go through 6 eggs a day and still eat half a pound of chicken for dinner. She’s protein crazy, that is when she’s not requesting popsicles. “Two popsicles,” she tries to haggle. “Hum, how about ZERO popsicles?” I reply. She’s learning to hate zero pretty quickly.


We switched her off to a real big girl bed. She was in her crib-converted-to-toddler-bed, but now she’s in a twin bed! I let myself indulge in a cute bed frame from Pottery Barn Kids (on sale, I promise) and we received it on Monday. I was going to leave both the bed and the crib in her room so she’d have the choice and wouldn’t feel stressed out about the change. Boy, was I wrong… The girl LOVES her new bed. So out went the crib. Unfortunately, my hope of her miraculously sleeping through the night in her new bed never came true. She still wanders into our room to finish her night.




I’m still not 100% done with the decorations on the wall. I might add a few colorful things!

She’s also really figured out adding names at the end of sentences, like “sorry, mommy”, “thank you, mommy”, and “wake up, mommy”. It’s adorable. Arguably, the last one I don’t love so much.


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