Happy valentine’s day!

Our little cuddle bug is sick, eye infection! I kept her home from daycare yesterday and brought her to the doctor. He gave us an antibiotic eye drop prescription. I was wondering which pharmacy I could bring the prescription to that would allow me to easily entertain Gabrielle for 30 minutes while we waited for it to be filled, and since it was close to lunch I picked the pharmacy next to a Mexican food place we like downtown. We had a nice lunch just her and I, she behaved really well and it felt really special to hang out just us two. Ah, sometimes between all those tantrums and all that movement, I see little eclipses of grown-up Gabby. Such a lovely girl.

Anyway, she ate most of the basket of chips and MY salsa. Little thief!


When we picked up her prescription after lunch, I told her to pick a gift for Chris for Valentine’s day. Since we were in the medicine aisle, she picked him a bottle of cough syrup! I pointed her towards the valentine’s day section and told her to pick something red instead. She picked a pack of birthday candles, close enough! She ran excitedly towards the check out counter with her candles for Papa, then she saw the display of candy and junk food. She picked a six-cookie bag of Oreos, then thought for a second, picked her a second pack, and said “Papa and Gabby.” Smart girl!

I let her eat her pack of cookies when we got home… Looks like we have a cream fan in our house!




Chris has her at home today since she still looked sick and eye infection is super contagious. I think she will be fine tomorrow!


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