More language cuteness

Gabrielle is killing us with the language cuteness lately! Yes, it’s a lethal amount of cuteness. Stories:

1. At Kim’s house, Gabrielle got upset with one of the kids. She stormed off to another room, then came back to the main room and yelled “I’m mad!”

2. I asked if she wanted a party for her birthday. She said “yeah! A party! Cake!”

3. Her latest thing, when she wants to show us something she says “wait!”, starts to run away, calls out “I’ll be back!” as she proceeds into a different room, then comes back with the item.

4. We went to the aquarium last weekend. It was a hot day and ice cream sounded so good, so we decided to get some and let Gabrielle have her own ice cream (testing out her tolerance to milk). We held her up at the ice cream parlor so she could see all the ice creams and Chris asked her which she wanted. She said “pink and blue”, pointing to the pink and blue cotton candy flavored ice cream, you know the one in flashy artificial colors for kids. Gross!!! But we let her have it, it tasted as nauseating as it looked, but she was SO happy. All the people walking by stopped to watch her and take pictures of her, she looked so darn happy with her cone! I’m glad to report that she seemed to digest it well enough!


The sad part is, I know I haven’t been pushing French much on her. Now when I speak French to her she yells “no! Stop!” and throws a hissy fit. Ugh!! I really need to talk to her in French more before her attitude towards it gets any worse!

My mom is babysitting tomorrow until Saturday. Chris and I get a night off, yoohoo!


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