Bad weekend

If you think you had a bad weekend, wait until you hear mine.

On Thursday night Gabrielle started throwing up. It wasn’t very much but it happened a couple of times before we decided to cuddle with her on the couch while watching movies for the rest of the night so that she’d be sitting up. I thought gravity would be my friend, though I think that just made her more tired than anything else.

On Friday I stayed home with her. She took a 3 hour nap Friday morning, and when she woke up at noon she was back to her usual self. Kids bounce back so quickly!

Saturday was good. Out of the blue Gabrielle asked to go the beach, so off we went. On the way there I kept pumping her up for it by yelling “we’re going to the beach!” and she’d respond “beach!”. Finally after a few repetitions of this, she eventually replied “I knoooow” in an exasperated tone. When did she become a teenager?!

The beach was pretty full by Santa Barbara standard because it was 80 degrees in January! Gabrielle started off playing in the sand and acting all scared from the ocean for about 5 seconds, then she just ran off towards the ocean sending us chasing after her. She played in the waves for a little while until she accidentally took a nose dive while bending over to touch the water with her hands. She went in head first in one foot of water and came out drenched from head to toe! She cried after that, I’m not sure if it was from being scared or just the shock of the ice cold water!

Around midnight on Saturday night, I started with my own version of Gabrielle’s stomach flu. Of course, I took her baby disease and turned it into a MONSTER disease. It left me laying down on the bathroom tile floor with cold sweats for most of the night, only to be joined by Chris in the early morning. So thankful we have two bathrooms now!

It was clear neither of us were in any shape to watch Gabrielle, with my mom out of the country I had no choice but to call my dad at 5:30am to beg him to babysit for the day! I don’t know how we would have made it otherwise!! Chris and I laid down the ENTIRE day in bed, just feeling horrible and not even able to hold down more than 1 sip of water per hour (if that!).

By the evening, I decided to go to the ER because I thought I was starting a UTI (that I couldn’t even try to flush out with lots of water because I couldn’t even drink!). I’m glad I went because turns out I didn’t have a UTI but my heart rate was 140 from dehydration!!! The triage nurse had me skip the whole line (the waiting room was FULL) so she could put me on IV asap. After 2 liters (TWO!!!) of saline drip and a powerful dose of anti-nausea medicine, I felt almost normal!

I went home with more anti-nausea medicine which I promptly shared with Chris. I don’t think he was ever so happy to see me than that night with anti-nausea pills! I was feeling fine on Monday but stayed home to rest anyway, Chris went to work with a couple more pills. Fortunately for me, I did not take more meds and ate almost nothing as a result, which was good cause my stomach couldn’t have handled it anyway. Chris however, apparently felt like a god after the meds because he ate a BREAKFAST BURRITO at work. He was feeling pretty queasy the rest of the day, but I laughed at him pretty hard when he admitted to the burrito. You reap what you sow, my friend.

We were all worried my dad our savior would catch it too, and sadly he did. He felt it coming last night and preemptively avoided food. From what I hear, he got off a little easier than us with that smart move! I wish we hadn’t needed to drag someone down with us, but it was the first time Chris and I were just completely incapable of taking care of Gabby!

I, for one, am glad to see January go. After all 3 of us each getting a pretty bad cold and a stomach flu, I’m done and my PTO is too. Please be healthier, February, please!


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