No noise

Think quick: worst possible case scenario with out-of-towners? First I got sick for an entire week. Then Gabrielle. Now Chris. We’ve successfully managed to avoid Chris’s family for three weeks out of their one month stay. Which would be great if they were annoying, but we like them and it is such a bummer. We might get a chance to all be healthy long enough to see them one last time this weekend before they leave!

Gabrielle is just hilarious at times. Monday morning we had a beautiful sunrise. We sat with Gabrielle in front of the window, pointing out all the colors we saw. Blue, pink, purple, orange. After a few minutes, the sun was up and the fancy colors gave way to a fully blue sky. Gabrielle took off yelling “purple crayon! purple crayon!” so we help her find her crayons expecting she just wanted to change activity and go draw. Turns out she went back to the window and tried to draw purple on the window and presumably back into the sky! How freaking adorable is that?

This morning she woke up saying “no noise”. I had a long conversation with her, which is still surprising to me.

G: No noise.
Me: That’s right, there’s no noise. It’s still dark outside and everyone is sleeping. It’s quiet.”
G: Quiet, no noise.
Me: Do you hear anything?
Cat: Meow. (Feed me)
G: Meow cat!
Me: Do you hear anything else? (motorcycle in the distance)
G: Vrom Vrom
Me: Yep, a motorcycle. Do your hear anything now?
G: No noise.

I could die, she’s so cute and pleasant to chat with sometimes!


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